Surgery Stories

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                                                 Story of Abe

Abe is an 11 year old American Bulldog, and he is now aging gracefully thanks to the great work of Dr. Hodge. When he was 3 years old he had a few problems and Dr. Hodge helped us all through quite a difficult ordeal. He decided it was a good idea to eat Berber carpet, and unfortunately ate quite a bit. I think he thought it was spaghetti. Unfortunately, all of this carpet got stuck in his stomach, but it was difficult for our regular veterinarian to figure this out. Once Dr. Hodge got involved, she told us he needed to go to surgery to remove the carpet that was in his stomach, and we did so without delay. Following surgery, he seemed to be recovering well when only 2 weeks into recovery he was having trouble getting up. Our regular Veterinarian was not sure what was going on, so we revisited Dr. Hodge and she told us that he had torn both of the ligaments in his knees. He needed 2 knee surgeries to get him back to running and playing again. Due to his large size and recent abdominal surgery, Dr. Hodge decided to do his knees in stages. We were not sure whether Abe would ever be able to run or play again, but she assured us that this was best. So, Abe had one knee surgery (TPLO) and the second one 8 weeks later. All in all, he did amazingly well and after 5 months of recovery from the carpet incident, he was back to himself. He has recovered so well that no one believes us when we tell them that he has had two knee surgeries. He still loves to run to get you his bones and keeps us busy even now.                                               Jeff



Pepper for web                             Story of Pepper

We just wanted to extend our thanks for the exceptional care that Pepper received during her 5 day stay for her gall bladder removal (Sept 15th). We are grateful that Dr.Allyson diagnosed the bad gall bladder during an ultrasound.  We already had confidence in Dr. Allyson since she had diagnosed an illness with our cat Chapin last year – he is doing fantastic.  We had a choice between going with MedVet in Dayton or coming to Cincinnati.  Dr. Allyson had high praises for Dr. Hodge and said she had just done a gall bladder remova1 on another dog.  It was a no-brainer decision and we certainly do not regret going to Dr. Hodge.  I was scared to take her that day and leave her for surgery, because I was afraid I might not get her back.  The minute I walked in the door, everyone was extremely nice. When Pepper and I went back to the room and the vet tech (I am sorry I don’t remember her name) knelt on the floor to get Pepper’s vitals, check her out and ask me questions, I knew I came to the right place.  I was expecting to have to put her up on the cold-looking exam table.  Then when Dr. Hodge came in, she also knelt down on the floor to examine Pepper.  It may be a little thing in someone else’s mind, but not having to pick up Pepper when she wasn’t already feeling good meant the world to me.   It seemed that Pepper was more relaxed than how she normally is in a vet’s office.  Dr. Hodge did an excellent job of “dummying down” the medical procedure and terminology for me (without making me feel stupid – ha).  I was very impressed with the follow-up phone calls that I received from Dr.Hodge also.  She would call me in the morning with the status and we would call about 7 or 8 at night and the night-time staff would give us a status.  I know we were only 75 miles away from Pepper but it felt like a very long distance.  We both knew she was in good hands.  We are doing follow-up care with Dr. Allyson when she travels up to Dayton. Paula and I think Pepper is back to her normal self – we are so thrilled about that. Hopefully the follow-up blood test in another 6 weeks will confirm our thoughts!

Thank you so much for the excellent care we received from EVERYONE for our fur baby.


Becky & Paula, Dayton, OH



                           Story of Misha

Took my 5-year-old 92 lb. Female German Shepherd to Greater Cincinnati Veterinary Specialists referred by two separate veterinarians in the area to see Dr. Hodge. My German Shepherd has hip dysplasia in her right hip and we believed that she tore her CCL=Cranial Cruciate Ligament (human has an ACL, knee). Since two vets have told me that Misha would probably need surgery to repair her CCL, they referred me to Dr. Hodge.  I spoke with a few other surgeons in the area for which procedure they would use to repair: TPLO, TTA, etc.  Getting prices and reading reviews.

So Glad that we took Misha to Dr. Hodge. I had spoken with 2 other surgeons and one of them only did the TTA.  The second surgeon, who is a traveling surgeon, wanted to schedule the surgery over Email without seeing her.  Ummm Nah.  Dr. Hodge said that she would do the TPLO if she were going to do the surgery.  From my research, I think the TPLO would be best.  I guess this is a matter of opinion and I really don’t know which would be best.

Anyway, let’s get to the point. Dr. Hodge evaluated Misha and believed that she hadn’t completely torn her CLL from x-rays and her physical evaluation.  Dr. Hodge recommended what is called “Conservative Management” (which we have been doing for approx. 4 weeks), prescribed Rimadyl and Tramadol for her pain.  Dr. Hodge referred us to Hot Diggity Dog Canine Water Fitness.  I was at first a little skeptical of the referral thinking “everyone wants a shot at my wallet”.  Long story short.  Misha is better than ever.

I believe Dr. Hodge is a very caring surgeon and doesn’t think the “knife” is always the best fix. So So SO Glad we went to GCVS and saw Dr. Hodge.

Richard B.  Cincinnati, Ohio 5/25/2016